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Fatima Bai Hospital:

We are planning to established a state of the art diagnostic lab close to Civil Hospital which will provide the services to the deserving people at a nominal cost.

Fatima Bai Hospital was established in 1985 under the supervision of Haji Yaqoob Wali Muhammad Gandhi Foundation.

It’s a 100 bed general hospital situated at plot no. 511-24 Garden East, Business Recorder Road, Karachi-Pakistan.

This hospital is run on a no profit, no loss basis. The objective of this hospital is to provide most modern facilities at very low cost which is easily afforded by low income person. The hospital is well staffed with experienced doctors and equipped with all the modern facilities required for full fledged hospitals.


The hospital has the following facilities and services:

  • General OPD.
  • 24 Hours I.C.U.
  • 24 Hours Emergency.
  • 24 Hours Lab.
  • Gyane & OBS Department.
  • Surgical Department.
  • Physician Department.
  • ENT Department.
  • Orthopedic & Plastic Surgery.
  • Diabetic Department.
  • Psychiatric Department.
  • Eye Department.
  • Pediatric Department.
  • Skin Department.
  • Dental Department.
  • Physiotherapy Department.
  • Ultrasound Department.
  • X-Ray Department.
  • Endoscopy.


Per month average of services and treatment provided to the patients in different departments is mentioned below:



Department No. of Patients Treated
Emergency 2039
Admissions in Hospital 361
Gyane 42
E.N.T 13
Eye 19
G-Surgery 32
Ortho 18
Medicine 117
Pediatric 89
Laboratory 801
X-Ray 354
Ultrasound 206
I.C.U 29
N.I.C.U 29





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Qurbani 2013

Ehsaas Trust provides facility of Ijtimai Qurbani to general public especially to the Muslims of overseas and the meat is distributed among the people of very poor areas. Last year the meat and flesh was distributed amongst the people of flood affected areas of Sindh.

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We are all a witness to the increase in inflation and the severe rise in prices of basic commodities
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The devastation of Floods Left People with their homes destroyed and were forced to live under open
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