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Ration Package:
We are all a witness to the increase in inflation and the severe rise in prices of basic commodities in Pakistan and knowing that the majority of the population comes under low income groups where they are unable to afford even monthly rations to survive keeping that in mind EHSAAS launched Ehsaas Ration Points under Food Support Program  in partnership with Khawaja Gharib Nawaz Welfare Trust International  since the start of this venture number of distributing ration exceeded 2000 families per month and above 7000 are in line waiting for your kind support at the moment  two outlets of EHSAS Ration Points are operating in Karachi we plan to expand ration point outlets nationwide  through  which  deserving people are provided with basic ration package consisting of basic and essential items every month.  This is aimed to ensure people’s basic need being met without compromising their dignity.

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Contents of a Monthly Ration Package

Help Flood Victims in Pakistan

Qurbani 2013

Ehsaas Trust provides facility of Ijtimai Qurbani to general public especially to the Muslims of overseas and the meat is distributed among the people of very poor areas. Last year the meat and flesh was distributed amongst the people of flood affected areas of Sindh.

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S# Description Qty.
1 Flour- 10 Kgs 2
2 Rice- 01 Kg 6
3 Sugar- 01 Kg 4
4 Cooking Oil- 01 Ltr 5
5 Daal Channa- 01 Kg 3
6 Daal Moong- 01 Kg 3
7 Daal Masoor- 01 Kg 3
8 Red Chilli Powder- 200 Gms 1
9 Coriandar Powder- 200 Gms 1
10 Termiric Powder- 100 Gms 1
11 Tea- 800 Gms 1
12 Salt- 800 Gms 1
  Total Weight 46 Kgs  
Ration Scheme
We are all a witness to the increase in inflation and the severe rise in prices of basic commodities
Shelter Scheme
The devastation of Floods Left People with their homes destroyed and were forced to live under open
General Fund
Due to rise In Poverty in our country young girls are suffering as parents cannot raise enough capital to get their daughters married
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