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Eid ul Fitr

Eid is a Arabic word it means festival. There are two big festivals in Muslim culture 1) Eid ul Fitr and 2) Eid ul Adha. These two Eids festivals we celebrated in two different Islamic Lunar months all around the world.

On the day of Eid people enjoy and express happiness and offer prayers in the form of group.....usually they gather in an Open land or in a Mosque and tonnes of people join together and pray in congregation and ask Allah ( The God ) for His blessing, forgiveness of all sins and ask for success in this life and hereafter that is good life. Also they ask for the true path to living in this life and get forgiveness for all sins and get destination that is heaven, which Muslims believe will bring success in this life and hereafter only if they lead this life on true path, never lie, never harm to others with their hand and with their tongue and believe uniformity in all human beings and are never proud on themselves and we think God has blessed us with this quality and we are always thankful to our god and try to help others especially the poor, before all should have faith in the Oneness of God. So it is clear that Eid celebration is not only an expression of our happiness but also it expresses the spiritual happiness. After Eid prayers and meeting on the occasion of Eid , people hug eachother. Eid is the time to spread happiness, love and triumph thereby creating enthusiasm among all the family members.

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