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Ehsaas highlights a ‘Naiki Case’ to help a family in ARY’s ‘Shane Ramazan’

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Almas Begum is a widow from Liyari, Karachi

Almas’ husband died leaving her with four children – two sons and two daughters. Then further catastrophes occurred as a son and daughter also passed-away from ilnesses.

Her remaining son recently had sponsored heart surgery in Karachi and now requires expensive daily medicines to survive.

Her remaining daughter is married.

Almas works as a cloth cutter in a garments factory and lives with her son in a rented house with only one room.

From her earnings she is barely able to eat and feed her son and on the top of that, her son’s medicines are very expensive and that is why she was unable to afford the rent.

Almas came on the ‘Naiki Programme’ to seek long-term financial help in supporting her son’s medicine and for any well-wishers to help her become self-sufficient by helping her get permanent employment or start a business.

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