Ehsaas distributes the meat amongst the people of the very poorest areas

Since 2010, Ehsaas has been provided the facility to undertake your Qurbani for you in Pakistan, India and now Bangladesh as well with the meat distributed amongst the people of the very poorest areas.

Ehsaas aims to provide Qurbani to over 600,000 people every year

Qurbani 2017 was carried out by our staff in Pakistan, India and Bangladesh with the meat distributed on the three days of Eid.

In 2017, you helped provide:

  • 207 Cows in Pakistan
  • 458 Goats in Pakistan
  • 378 Cows in India
  • 6 Cows in Bangladesh

Qurbani was distributed in:

  • Pakistan
    over 50 locations
  • India
    over 5 locations
  • Bangladesh
    over 3 locations