Ehsaas Ramadan Ration Packs have really helped people like Khursheed and his family during Ramadan.

Hafiz Khursheed Shaikh is a 56-year-old heart patient who lives in a rented house with his son and four daughters. His eldest son works as a helper at a mechanics shop but because of the medicines he needs, they never have enough money for two meals a day.

In Ramadan, they still fast even though not having proper meals makes it even more difficult for them.

Khursheed said:

“I was very happy that because of Ehsaas’ donors, we were able to have both Sehri and Iftar during Ramadan. We always pray that May Allah bless those who helped us.”

“The care you have shown for the most needy encourages and makes us duty-bound to accomplish our projects with dedication and sincerity – Thank You.”

Asif Iqbal
Founder & Trustee

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