Your continued support can help provide Nazia Nasir and her family with a monthly ration pack including a Winter pack.

Nazia Nasir lives in a rented house with her husband, four daughters and son. Her husband works on a very low wage, and she works in a shop. Her two daughters have chronic medical conditions, so they are on permanent treatment.

This means they do not have enough money for food on many occasions.
Through your donations, Ehsaas can provide her family with a monthly Ration Pack including a Winter Pack to give them some relief and allow them to concentrate on the treatment of their daughters.

Nazia Nasir said:

“Our daughters are not well, and we cannot put into words the relief this has given us – May Allah give our helpers, even more, Ameen.”

“The care you have shown for the most needy encourages and makes us duty-bound to accomplish our projects with dedication and sincerity – Thank You.”

Asif Iqbal
Founder & Trustee

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