You provide Parveen Jameel, a widow with 4 children, monthly food rations.

Parveen is a widow who has 4 children. Parveen has a liver problem and was not able to work or feed her children at all – they were all in a terrible situation.

Through your Zakat donations, Ehsaas provides Parveen and her family with monthly food rations.

Parveen said:

“Until I heard of Ehsaas, I did not know where or how to feed my children and we used to go without food for days. Seeing my children in desperation was heart-breaking. Ehsaas has made me smile again when I see my children fed and happy. I will never forget the people, no, the ‘angels’ that have helped us”.

“The care you have shown for the most needy encourages and makes us duty-bound to accomplish our projects with dedication and sincerity – Thank You.”

Asif Iqbal
Founder & Trustee

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