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What is the current situation of Water Projects with the Pakistan Floods?

Over 5.5 million people have no access to safe drinking water.

In the recent flood-affected areas, safe drinking water is now a priority due to the destruction of many village water pumps and water wells.

Ehsaas donors have provided local communities with 6,800 Water Pumps and Wells to date providing water to over 110,000 people.

There is an urgent requirement to provide more new water pumps and water wells as soon as possible and, to repair many of the water pumps and water wells that have already been provided by our donors. If you have installed a water facility with Ehsaas, please contact us for an update and if any repairs are required – which you may want to help with.

Ehsaas is on the ground in Balochistan and Sindh and is evaluating its water pumps and water wells and where new ones are required, and is still helping as many families as possible with Emergency Flood Aid.

If I undertake a Water Project, how does Ehsaas select beneficiaries?

Our teams on the ground use local knowledge to help situate the well in an area with the most need.

How long will it take to install?

It normally takes 6 to 7 months, this is from the time we receive your donation to sending you your personalised hand pump report with images.

Watch our ‘Installation video to give you an idea of the processes involved and time taken:

How many people benefit from a Small Hand Pump?

With a Small Hand Pump, the number of people who benefit varies depending on the location i.e. if we install it in the home of a needy family then the number of people will be 5-7 (depending on the size of a family) but if we install it in a communal area, then the numbers of people will be far greater.

How long will a Small Hand Pump last?

This depends on how well the pump is maintained and looked after by the recipients. If well maintained, a hand pump can typically last for 7 years or more.

Can I sponsor a Hand Pump on behalf of someone else?

Yes, and this is an excellent Sadaqah Jariyah too. Prophet Muhammad (saw) advised that giving water is the best charity. With each hand pump we install there is space for you to put a name on the plaque (maximum 25 characters) and you can put the name of a loved one on it if you wish.

NB To avoid any desecration, Ayahs from the Qur’an, Allah’s Names/Attributes or Hadiths are not allowed. If no name for a water well is given in the ‘notes’ of the donation, we use the name of donor on account.

Will I receive a picture of the installation once it has been completed?

Yes, we will send you a copy of a personalised report which will include the location and pictures of your hand pump / well with a name plaque and some of those benefiting from it in the local community.

Can Zakat be used for Hand Pumps?

Yes. As the hand pumps are built inside a family home and thus are owned by that family, you can donate your Zakat towards this project.

Are Water Wells Zakat eligible?

At the moment we are not taking Zakat funds for Large Water Wells or Electric 4 Tap Water Coolers.

I am ready, how do I sponsor a Hand Pump?

You can sponsor a Hand Pump by Donating Now
Or by calling us on +44 (0)20 3617 7786