Lack of clean drinking water is a major problem in developing countries

Ehsaas has, with your generous support, provided clean and safe drinking water for thousands of families in Pakistan who cannot afford it due to their financial situation. Hundreds of water-holes and hand pumps have been installed, mainly in the centre of villages, to ensure that more families have access and can benefit from these hand pumps.

Ehsaas has installed 3,058 Water Pumps to date – Thank You.

Safe water supplies, hygienic sanitation and good water management are fundamental to global health. In addition, 5 million people can be protected from being seriously incapacitated from lymphatic filariasis and another 5 million from trachoma.

Water-borne diseases are rampant in many economically depressed rural areas of Pakistan because clean running water is simply not available.

Lack of clean drinking water is a major problem in developing countries

The only alternative is to install hand pumps or deep wells (drilled wells) to draw clean water from the ground depending on the depth of the water table. The depth of the potable water table varies from 20 to 3000 feet (6 to 910 meters) depending on the region and local topography.

Almost a tenth of global disease can be prevented by:

  • increasing access to safe drinking water
  • improving sanitation and hygiene and
  • water management to reduce risks of water-borne infectious diseases

Annually, safer water can prevent:

  • 1.4 million child deaths from diarrhoea
  • 860,000 child deaths from malnutrition and
  • 280,000 deaths from drowning.