Your Donations are Already Being Distributed

Monday 21st December 2020

200 families received Double-Blankets and Monthly Ration in Bhambhore Village, Thatha District, Sindh, Pakistan.

We are still distributing our Winter Packs in other areas, so please Donate Now

View our Distribution Video (Urdu) with ARY QTV Presenter Syed Salman Gul.

Currently, there are hundreds of families that are struggling to keep warm and feed themselves and their children this Winter.

Ehsaas is aiming to help low-income families who are unable to afford their basic food rations or keep warm, with a Winter Pack containng Monthly Rations & Blankets.

With your help, Ehsaas is aiming to help as many needy families as possible.

A Winter Pack includes:

  • A Double Blanket
  • Flour 20kgs
  • Rice 5kg
  • Sugar 3kg
  • Cooking Oil 3ltr
  • Daal Channa 1kg
  • Daal Moong 1kg
  • Daal Masoor 1kg
  • Red Chilli Powder 200gm
  • Coriander Powder 200gm
  • Turmeric Powder 100gm
  • Tea 400gm
  • Salt 800gm

Your donations are vital for so many poor families.
Please donate as much as you can – Thank You.


Please download our Winter Appeal Leaflet and let your friends & family know about this important project.
Thank You.